3 Hidden Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being accused of criminal offense is a traumatic experience especially when you are not guilty and unaware of the legal procedures. Not every accused person is guilty. But, if you do not choose a specialized criminal defense lawyer, you won’t be able to prove your innocence in front of court. It is a wrong tendency among many people to think that they can handle the case on their own. But end up doing further damage to the case. A professional criminal defense lawyer can fight for your rights and draw a successful conclusion to the case.

A specialized criminal lawyer will not only defend your rights on court, but will also:

* Reduce your punishment or imprisonment: Criminal defense lawyers can help even if you are found guilty. A skilled attorney can minimize your sentence and fines. However, it is important to hire a lawyer as soon as you are charged with a criminal offense. Any kind of negligence can cost you a lot in the long run. A qualified lawyer will arrange all the evidences to build a strong case in your favor to reduce your punishment in case you are found guilty. A reputed lawyer will have good reputation in court. Perhaps he knows some of the court officials and prosecutors. This will help him negotiate deals and plead to lessen your punishments.

* Investigate your case: Perhaps the police officer who arrested you has missed some of the most vital evidences that can prove your innocence. Your attorney will investigate the case critically. He will employ a variety of resources to arrange evidences to defend your rights. Criminal defense lawyers are experts about every aspect of law. They know how to deal such cases for a favorable outcome.

* Provides you peace of mind: No matter how much you know about law, or even if you are a lawyer, do not represent yourself on your own. It is important to hire a specialized lawyer who has no emotional ties with your case. Your lawyer’s honesty and experience will play a crucial role to defend your rights. Remember, you conviction will not only affect you, but the future of your family as well. Moreover, it will affect your career opportunities as well. So, it will be a wise decision from your side to hire a reputed attorney who can help you avoid such disasters. By hiring an attorney, you know that in one of the most devastating times in your life, you have an expert professional beside you.

If you are looking for an expert lawyer in the field of criminal defense, Harris County has ample of options for you. But, it is important you check the reputation and record of the attorney before hiring.

Job Growth in Criminal Justice Field

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that careers in the criminal justice field will grow rapidly between now and 2016. In the next few years paralegal, investigator, private detective and police officer jobs are predicted to grow between 11-22 percent.

Although a bachelor’s or master’s degree is not always required, a criminal justice degree is often preferred by law enforcement departments. It gives you a strong basis of knowledge when later working for a Police Department, Sheriff’s Office, State Patrol or the Federal Government.

Many departments give a substantial percentage of salary increase per educational level completed, and promotions are often quicker and better for officers with a higher education degree. In addition, there’s a growing trend amongst law enforcement agencies to offer tuition reimbursement.

“I believe that the degree will be well worth it when I look back on my career,” said a deputy sheriff when I asked him about his master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University’s online program.

“A master’s degree in Criminal Justice can help those who are looking for work by giving them an advantage in the initial hiring process. Employers know that a candidate with a master’s degree has intelligence, is dedicated, and is a person who is willing to work hard,” he says. “Experience is also extremely important, but education can help individuals earn life experience and broaden their understanding of the criminal justice field.”

The federal government is offering the deputy and all those working in a federal or county capacity the federal loan forgiveness program, which will pay for the remaining of his school debt after ten years of service.

Criminal justice is a field of innumerable possibilities, and not just in law enforcement. Political science, corrections management and criminal law are some of the specialized areas of study, as well as security, corrections, emergency response, crisis management, information technology, the court system, social work and case management.

Opportunities for graduates include with federal agencies like the FBI, CIA, ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms), the Secret Service, Customs, DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), INS, and the Border Patrol. Local options include careers as a state trooper, SBI agent, detective, investigator, security specialist, and in the corrections department as a corrections, parole or probation officer.

Criminal justice can also lead to professions in law such as a lawyer, legal assistant, paralegal, court administrator, judge or magistrate, and in military and defense agencies leading to a career as a military police officer or investigator, criminologist, crime scene investigator, or forensic scientist. Other opportunities include: in gaming surveillance as a conservation officer, in colleges and universities as lectures and professors, and in the field of cyber crime and white-collar crime detection and prevention. When you decide what specialization you might be interested in, you will want to conduct more specific research. No matter what career you decide to pursue, a degree in criminal justice will be a strong foundation to have.

You may also consider whether an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree is right for you:

• An associate’s degree in criminal justice will give you a general overview of the criminal justice system, including policing and corrections, the court system and juvenile justice. For many departments an associate’s degree is the minimum requirement for becoming a police officer or sheriff’s deputy.

• A bachelor’s degree can introduce you to a specialized field within criminal justice. An added concentration can prepare you for careers in corrections, forensics, juvenile justice or crime scene investigation. A criminal justice bachelor’s degree with a technology focus, for example, could help you get a job working in the realm of computer crime and cyber security.

• A master’s degree can advance your career from the start or advance you professionally if you’re already working in the field. Courses focus on more specialized areas, such as criminology, juvenile law and criminal court systems.

“Higher education helps those going into the work force sharpen their writing skills, gain knowledge of the law, and learn about arresting procedures,” the deputy with his master’s from BU told me. Among the specialized areas he studied were criminology, white collar crime, terrorism and victimology. “There are, however, many other practical applications that one can only learn while on the job,” he has realized, and he named handcuffing, firearm tactics and processing evidence as a few examples.

“Getting a criminal justice degree is as academically challenging as an engineering or mathematics program,” says Don Schneidmiller, a Deputy Chief with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. He recommends choosing a challenging program with instructors who have experience in the field, and to make sure the curriculum is broad so that you learn all aspects of the criminal justice system.

Most importantly, Schneidmiller believes, if you are interested in a criminal justice degree: “It is critical that students know they’ll be held to an extremely high moral and ethical standard,” Schneidmiller advises. “They need to start holding themselves to that standard now.”

5 Points To Consider When Looking For A US Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Looking for a US criminal defense lawyer is not a very easy thing to do as there are many different variables that come into play starting with, is this a ticket offence like a drunk driving or reckless driving, or is it a federal offence like drug trafficking or money laundering that will be tried in a US Federal court?

US Federal courts are where you really are swimming in a tough pool as far as convictions rates are concerned, and as the conviction rates are higher, so will be the rates that the legal profession will charge you to mount a good defense.

Many jurisdiction in the US are feeling a budget pinch, unofficially what they are doing is increasing what we like to call the gotcha tax, where they increase the street presence and up the numbers of traffic stops and tickets that are coming into the system, as they are going after speeding offences and safety equipment infractions like broken or missing equipment like lights or seat belts, they are getting an increased catch of the more serious criminal offenses that can end you up in jail or prison, like drunk driving and drug offenses.

1) DUI offences are best handled by those lawyers who specialize in this one little area of the law. This is a very lucrative area of the law you can spend on average 5,000 US dollars, and if it is a repeat offence, don’t be surprised if it climbs into the 10 to 20 thousand dollar range to keep you out of jail.

2) The smart people will tell you when you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, to talk to as many people in the community as you can and ask for some recommendations on who is the best criminal lawyer for your type of case in your state. In all facets of life when looking for a professional, a personal recommendation from someone who has dealings with, or was intimate with someone who had dealing with a criminal defense lawyer, will not point you at someone whom they have had a bad experience with, this is a great place to start from in your search for the best criminal defense attorney you can afford.

3) In all legal cases you should look for lawyers and law firms that you are comfortable with. You have a lot at stake, and doubt about your lawyer, should, if you take time and effort to find a good one, not be one of your worries.

4) Look to those Criminal defense lawyers whose practices are more than half in the criminal area, as it is their specialty area of the law; they are as a general rule going to have more insights and experience with the local judges and prosecutors that will work in your favor many times.

5) When looking for a legal defense lawyer a good thing to do is to reset your expectation about the law and money and the reasons why are quit simple in criminal cases, this is about hard time, which if you can avoid it you will be eternally grateful. A good thing to remember when looking to find a criminal defense lawyer is this simple fact, you will have many chances in life to make money, but you can never make more time.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers

Los Angeles is a city of fun and dreams. It attracts thousands of young people, as it is the center of entertainment and also is a business place for many professionals. But it can become a nightmare if you are caught doing a criminal act.

A crime is any act done in violation of public law. If you are facing any criminal charges then you can get help from criminal defense lawyers in Los Angeles. Criminal law is branch of law that defines crimes, establishes punishments, and regulates the investigation and prosecution of people accused of committing crimes.

Criminal defense lawyers in Los Angeles are very famous for their intelligence and professionalism. There are thousands of criminal defense lawyers who might help you in your case. There are many lawyers who specialize in criminal cases and also take cases of civil defense and other kind of laws. One has to find a lawyer who specializes in criminal law. There are many legal associations in Los Angeles. One should aware about the different associations. The lawyer should be a member such an organization.

The need for an experienced, professional criminal lawyer is always there, because Los Angeles has the busiest court system in the United States. It means there is a huge crowd in the courts, and the judges and prosecutors are also very busy. Therefore, a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who is experienced and respected by his peers in the justice system can achieve greater results. Also, criminal charges in Los Angeles have high fines and harsh punishments; therefore, one really requires a professional criminal defense lawyer.

Types of Defenses Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Use

This lawyer defends their client in court who has been charged with a criminal activity that can range from a misdemeanor to a felony. If convicted their client could pay a fine, do community service, serve years in prison, or even receive the death penalty. It is the job of the criminal defense lawyer to either get their client acquitted or get them the lightest sentence possible. To accomplish this, criminal defense lawyers can use several defenses.

Affirmative criminal defense

Some criminal defense lawyers will attempt to minimize the prosecution’s evidence by showing it is not true. In this defense the lawyer, along with their client produce evidence in support of the defense. For example, if the defendant is charged with first-degree murder, which means that the client planned the murder before happened, they may choose to provide an alibi witness. This is someone who testifies that the defendant could not have committed the crime and gives them an alibi for the time the murder was committed.

Insanity defense

This defense that was made popular by movies and television shows. Unfortunately, it is a defense that is not frequently used or often successful. When criminal defense lawyers use this defense it states that their client did commit the crime but did not know what they did was wrong. To use this defense successfully the client will need to have a serious defect or mental illness at the time the crime was done. It can be risky to rely on this defense because the client is admitting to the crime but if the jury does not believe the client is insane they can find you the client guilty and hand-downs a harder sentence than they may have if they had not used this defense.

Coercion and Duress

This is an affirmative criminal defense lawyers used that states that their client was forced to commit the crime due to being threatened with unlawful force. The force does not actually have to happen.. Just the threat can be enough to satisfy this form of defense. This threat does not have to be against their client. It could be against someone else like a family member. This defense cannot be invoked if their client’s reckless actions put them in the situation that caused duress.

General criminal defenses

• Self defense-this states that their client’s actions would be considered criminal if the act was not necessary to defend themselves
• Status of limitations-this is when criminal defense lawyers states that the amount of time the prosecution has to charge their client with the crime has elapsed so the charges have to be dropped.
• Consent-it acknowledges you did commit the crime but the victim consented to it.